I Want to be Where the Letters Are


mermaid mail

Whether you’re fond of sirens, Melusine, or any of the countless examples of sea-folk mythology that have sprung up over the past few thousand years (from the Assyrian Empire to Ariel), there’s no denying that mermaids have swum their way into a permanent place in popular culture. And that includes scrapbooking supplies, apparently!

As a lifelong fan of the sea and all its denizens, real and imaginary, I couldn’t resist the temptation to feature mermaids as the theme for this week’s outgoing mail.  Here’s hoping their melodious, enchanting voices will guarantee a fast delivery!



This lovely mermaid-themed paper–accented with sea-green bubbles and vaguely Celtic symbols with just a hint of glitter–was tucked away in the back of my DCWV Once Upon A Time paper stack, which has been my go-to source for envelope art for the past few months. Though the variety of different paper stack themes available always astounds me, I find the Once Upon A Time stack most entrancing, probably because it consists almost entirely of paper taken straight from some vintage storybook.

The envelopes, on the other hand, were part of the impossibly wonderful thrift store treasure trove that I found in Maine right when the summer began. At six inches tall, they just barely fit the first class letter height limit, and are the perfect size for sending off letters packed with lots of small gifts.


As usual, I struggled to figure out what to do with the washi tape border: my tape supplies have reached their nadir at the moment. The design on the tan tape reminded me of fish scales, while the sea-green crosshatch pattern goes well with the envelope’s natural color and the accents on the paper.

Someday, I’d love to have washi tape that’s already ocean-themed–perhaps this example might be a good choice to add to my shopping list. Like a certain someone using a fork as a comb, however, I’ll make do with what I have in the meantime, and these snail mail sirens will be on their way to parts unknown (Germany and France, to be specific) soon enough!


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