What’s in my Mailbox? | Random Acts of Stationery


random acts of stationery

Rather like a certain Mr. Baggins, I experienced a kind of unexpected party just a few days ago while checking my mail: a large package from a pen pal I’ve been getting to know for nearly half a year. Though there wasn’t a dwarf or wizard in sight, I was delighted to discover an incredibly generous treasure trove of stationery, featuring a real positivity-blast of bright and colorful designs. On a day when I really needed a little cheer, this not-so-random act of kindness overwhelmed me–while simultaneously feeding my stationery addiction.

(And it’s certainly a lovelier birthday present than Gollum’s…)



Unwrapped and pulled from its packaging, this assortment of gifts makes quite a nice ziggurat of stationery!




After my enchanting experience at the butterfly conservatory last weekend, what could be more appropriate than “Monarch” stationery by Rifle Paper Co.? Since we didn’t actually see any monarchs (surprisingly enough!) during our little adventure, I was glad to recognize their beautiful wings on the set’s package of envelopes.

I’ve recently shifted to using larger sheets of paper rather than notecards in my penpalling, as my letters can get quite lengthy: so this matching writing paper pad is perfect for future correspondence!



…as are these equally wonderful half-sheet paper pads! I have quite a collection of small envelopes that would fit these little notes perfectly.

I might also take a moment to praise the beautiful typefaces that appear on both–I’m particularly fond of the “Notes and Ideas” design, as it’s so rare that I find something that’s simultaneously cute and serif-heavy.



Perhaps most charming of all, though, are these adorable “Sweet Talk” pens from ban.do (a brand I’d never heard of before, but now am convinced I’d love!). What could be more better than a pen that compliments you as you write? This trio also just happens to feature my three favorite colors, so, you know.

I am unbelievably excited to try out all these supplies for the first time–and, more importantly, to send off a nice thank-you mailing to the wonderful person who sent them to me.

Truly, pen pals are better than unicorns.


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