Outfit of the (Yester)day: En Rose



One of the most rewarding simple actions of my adult life has been reclaiming my love for all things pastel. While I was very much a fan of pink for most of my earliest years, there came a time in my youth when my peers decided that it wasn’t “cool” to like pink–it was babyish, juvenile, and altogether better left to onesies and flower fairies.

You know what, though? I love pink. I’ve always loved it. It’s amazingly pretty and brings me joy–same goes for similarly childlike pastels in all hues.

When I have the opportunity to brighten up my work wardrobe with a little rose and mint, then, I go all out!


Last week, I showed off my orange/brown version of the Modcloth Foxtail Fern dress: consequently, I thought I should play fair and give the mint version equal attention! The combination of mint and pink makes me happy like no other color pairing, and I’ll be a little sad to take a break from it now that autumn’s nearly here.

(Trust me, they won’t be out of commission for long–after I give all of my lovely orange and red clothes their due, the pastels will gloriously return to cheer me up in the middle of winter!)



could accessorize this outfit in the usual way–or I could try my best to wear it with unicorns and gemstones. This little crochet unicorn (which you may recognize from my header image!) was given to me as a child, and somehow it’s followed me around for nearly two decades now.

These crystals are equally aged: I’m pretty sure I picked them up at some natural history museum gift shop during my minor rock collecting phase at age eight. Amethyst and rose quartz are probably among my favorite gems! (Just need garnet and pearl to complete the set, right, Steven Universe fans?)

DSC_0594 DSC_0592

Speaking of unicorns, someday I’d like to wear the most aggressively pastel outfit imaginable by pairing this dress with my flamboyantly dreamy “Unicorns Are Real” sweatshirt. It’s a beautiful ombre jumper that fades from lavender to a soft mint, making it the perfect color complement for my equally minty dress.

Were I to ever actively go out dressed in both, however, I’m certain sure I’d be violating some limit on pretty colors–at the very least, I imagine a unicorn might end up following me wherever I go…

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