Deep into the Mountain Sound (Mt. Greylock, the Berkshires, MA)



When you grow up living four thousand feet above sea level, it takes a lot of elevation to impress you. Mount Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts, falls in just below Volcano’s elevation at 3491 feet–and though the altitude was about normal for me, the views themselves were enough to take my breath away. Autumn is settling into the Berkshires a little more quickly than it is down here, which made last weekend’s crisp Sunday afternoon the perfect time for a mountain jaunt.


After driving up a winding road to the summit, we only had to complete the slightest of walks to reach the best overlooks. (It’s $5 to park if you’re an MA resident, which seemed very much worth it to me in the end.)


The view of the surrounding areas (and far, far beyond) is astounding–you can see all the way to the hills and peaks of Amherst! I was happy to recognize the Holyoke Range and some of the geographical features near my perennial favorite, the Quabbin Reservoir.



The summit is also host to a fascinatingly designed war memorial, which stands tall against the blue sky. If the rest of the mountain reminded me a little of Arthur’s Seat (my favorite place in Edinburgh), then this memorial seemed equally reminiscent of Calton Hill, the monument-heavy overlook in the Scottish city’s “New Town.”


They’re not quite the mountains of Park City (UT), the Scottish Highlands, or even my home island, but the Berkshires have their own sloping, cool-colored beauty. With Mount Greylock only a bit under two hours’ of a drive away, I would love to journey up it again before it closes for the season: if only to catch a glimpse of even more fall colors!

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