Outfit of the (Yester)day: Into the Unknown


Trench coat: TJ Maxx Dress: F21 Contemporary Backpack: Fjallraven 

Necklace: thrifted Earrings: handmade Amazing cat-eye shadesthrifted



Nothing is quite as Halloween-appropriate as the last dying days of autumn in New England, when branches are bare, cat-tails and other pond-dwelling plants are going to seed, and fading brown and yellow leaves hide the ground completely. Walking through Wentworth Farm (one of my favorite haunts!) yesterday was the perfect way to celebrate this spooky time of year: and a good excuse to wear as much orange and black as I could get away with!



I purchased this dress on sale last spring, and I waited all summer for a chance to wear it in its proper season. I didn’t have time to organize a proper costume for Halloween this year, so I figured dressing up in a vaguely pumpkin-colored ensemble was the way to go!




Even though I’ve been growing my hair out for a couple of months now, it’s been a while since I ventured back into the realm of fancy braids! Since I don’t think pig-tail braids are exactly work-appropriate, I decided that a little mermaid braid experiment would be most appropriate for a Saturday outing. Embarrassingly, I lost the matching brown hair-tie mid-walk and had to find a quick substitute from my purse: of course, it had to be bright green!


Autumn in September and early October is beautiful, but there’s something very quietly gorgeous about these later days of fall, too. The best thing about this time of year? The whole world looks like a scene from Over the  Garden Wall, which is pretty much all I could ask for.

(Silly fashion blogger photos of me c/o my boyfriend; beautifully decaying plants c/o nature! Keep up the good work, nature.)

8 thoughts on “Outfit of the (Yester)day: Into the Unknown

  1. beautiful pictures and look! you really capture that fall feeling 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Love your outfit and the style of your photos! In Australia, where I live, Halloween is not so much of a big deal, though it is gradually becoming more popular. I think one of the reasons it never feels quite right to celebrate it is because we’re in the middle of spring – Halloween seems to have such a strong association with autumn that celebrating it in spring feels a bit wrong!

    • That’s often how I used to feel growing up in Hawai’i during seasonal holidays–ESPECIALLY during Christmas, when the weather’s as balmy and not-snowing as ever!

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