Outfit of the (Yester)day: Forever Autumn



In my preteen prog-rock days, one of my favorite songs ever was a track from Jeff Wayne’s 1978 concept album The War of the Worlds–a musical retelling of the H.G. Wells sci-fi classic. Sung by my man Justin Hayward, lead singer of The Moody Blues, “Forever Autumn” is a broody, synth-heavy ballad that captures a kind of wayward autumnal longing…in other words, absolutely perfect for anyone feeling a little melancholy at the end of November while on a walk in the woods.

An alternative title for this post would be something like “Dressless”–because, shocking though it may be, I actually decided to wear a non-skirt-based ensemble for once! I’m all for dancing through the forest in ridiculously impractical fairy-tale wear, but sometimes even I can’t resist the convenience of floral leggings and denim.




Thrifted: jacket & boots

Handmade (though not all by me): shell and coral earrings, Captain America necklace, museum button

Vintage: bracelet 



Although it’s been an unusually warm November, I can’t seem to shake off the sadness that overtakes me when autumn turns into winter–I feel like I barely had a chance to take advantage of the beautiful leaves and the bright evenings before everything turned dark and bitter! How do you cheer yourself up during the coldest months?


2 thoughts on “Outfit of the (Yester)day: Forever Autumn

  1. Very cute outfit! Autumn is lovely and it is a little heartbreaking when it leaves us, but winter is just as lovely! All that beautiful snow, the smell of pine trees, and layers upon layers of soft knitted clothes. A good way to escape the blues is a peppermint hot cocoa and a walk. 🙂

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