Outfit of the (Yester)day: You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Dragon


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Consider this a charming sequel to my thrift haul post from the weekend–one that shows some of my newest acquisitions as part of an actual ensemble! As I prepare to journey into warmer climes, I’m gathering up lots of soft-colored clothing that will lend itself better to weeks in the tropics than snow and ice. It just so happens that the olive tones of this maxi dress are a perfect complement to the ultimate shoulder-dragon accessory…


I received my Folkmanis dragon puppet collection as a holiday gift when I was eleven years old–deep into my mythical-beast-obsession stage. This gorgeous creature, my favorite of the lot, came with me to the Mainland when I left home for college, and has remained a part of my magical decorating arsenal ever since. Her legs, tail, mouth, and wings can all be manipulated: she’d be a big star if she hadn’t already retired from the puppet theatre life!



I found this lacy little top abandoned on a final markdown rack for $5, and I think it will quickly become one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. Made from airy cotton and natural materials, it’s good for layering and fits somewhat within the general aesthetics of mori kei, the Japanese street fashion style that tries to capture the fashionable spirit of slightly magical forest-dwellers (and a big inspiration for some of my outfits, though I’m not a full practitioner!).


Finally, here’s that beautiful sand dollar necklace again–this time as part of a full outfit! Though yesterday was fairly warm and sunny, I absolutely cannot wait to get back to Hawai’i and spend my days frolicking in maxi dresses and slippers (or “flip-flops,” as Mainlanders might say). Prepare for outfit posts aplenty once I return to my island home!

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