Have Pastel, Will Travel



Even the most exciting journey can mean a bit of sitting around. Traveling usually involves lots of waiting–at an airport, while riding in a train or car, hiding nervously behind a book at the bus stop, and so forth. That’s why I love bringing some of my favorite little hobbies along with me when I set off on an adventure!

My rosy-hued travel essentials include more than clothes and a toothbrush: what stationery addict could hit the road without washi tape and a travel journal?


These mini colored pencils and my beloved Animal Kingdom coloring book aren’t that different from the sort of things I would carry on a journey as a kid, to be honest: and I wouldn’t have it any other way! A few letter-writing essentials (glitter pens, a writing pad, and tiny envelopes) will keep me well-supplied should I decide to continue my correspondence en route.


I’ve also been trying to make more time for my writing these days, even if I can’t spend too much time on the computer. I may have mentioned my love for colorful Moleskine Volants before, and this very creatively designed writing guidebook might help me get back into a fiction-ready mood.


My outfits for nearly a week’s worth of travel are equal parts dark and pastel, and include plenty of pieces that are easy to mix and match. (Yes, it looks like I’m dressing for mid-autumn rather than the end of November…I’m still in denial!).


Though I always travel light, I’m glad that I have a good-sized backpack in which to carry all of my supplies: and in such a cheery color, too! Being outlandishly pink might be the best way to repel the darkness of the winter months.

What are some of your short trip essentials?


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