Outfit of the (Yester)day: Caldera Apparel


There’s nothing I’ll miss more from the past few weeks in Hawai’i than my daily walks through the National Park, exploring cliffside trails and former roads now moss-covered and open only to pedestrian traffic. The colors of Volcano seem super-saturated compared to the greys, whites, and browns of a New England winter–I crave the infinite mixture of greens in a fern thicket or the impossibly blue sky hanging over the caldera.

This was one of my favorite outfits (and outings) from my trip: I wore it during a hike down the old Chain of Craters road, where I felt the wind style my bangs as we stared down into a volcanic plume…


You may recognize this scarf from a previous post: it’s the hand-marbled scarf crafted by the amazing artistic duo formed by my mother and my sister. Since they made it in Volcano, it’s fitting that the scarf’s colors perfectly complement the Hawaiian environment. The light blue matches the sky, the darker blues and purples mimic Mauna Loa, and the paler teals and rich greens remind me of the Kona coast.

Speaking of the ocean, my silver and turquoise shell earrings were also made on the Big Island–by a very talented family friend whose mermaid-like jewelry has become a staple of my everyday wear!


You’ll have to forgive my bright pink sneakers, which were certainly not part of my ideal outfit–but it would be a horrible idea to hike near lava in any of my more graceful sandals or slip-ons, as it’s very easy to injure yourself in a place where the ground is covered in Pele’s hair!


I had been waiting for my hair to grow out again before trying to experiment with plaiting again, but I think I finally have enough to get away with a French braid. I don’t think I look particularly good in basic ponytails (though many other people do!) so a braid is the perfect hiking style for me: it’s sensible, pretty, and keeps your hair from attacking your face while you’re at the edge of a sheer drop.

Even though I probably won’t get to hike again until spring, I may continue to play around with braiding wizardry–perhaps it will prove a good way to keep myself occupied during the long winter!


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