What to Wear When…You Won’t Believe It’s Winter


I was always saddened by Peter Pan’s suggestion that a fairy “falls down dead” every time a child chooses not to believe in them–but man, I wish that kind of philosophy could apply to winter!

If I tell myself that the snow will never come and refuse to clap my hands to resurrect the plates of ice on my car and the dirty snow down the highway, will it vanish forever, fading into the West like a forgotten elf?

Well, no. Sadly. Winter is here to stay, but at least it’s being a little tolerable at the moment. In fact, last weekend was so surprisingly sunny that I even braved an outfit photo session on the icy bridge across the Connecticut River–a spot that is gorgeous in the summer and (I’ll admit!) quietly beautiful on a sunny winter day.

I may not be able to use the power of my own thoughts to bring spring to Massachusetts: still, I’ll do my best to keep my ensembles bright and cheerful enough to remind the world of flowers and light and summer!


Dress: Modcloth ♥ Scarf: Forever 21* ♥ Top: Secondhand; vintage, maybe ♥ Earrings: featuring humpback whales & treble clefs ♥ 

*a.k.a. Dorian Gray’s favorite place to shop.†

†I learned this joke from tumblr, and it has the dubious honor of being one of the only traditional-style, punchline-based jokes in the world that can actually make me laugh.


My hairstyle of the day is a weird half-up/half-down situation with a crowd braid in the back and elfin, ear-revealing strands up front. I figure that the combination of the two is enough to maximize my fantasy novel character status for the day!



After my wonderful photographer kindly indulged my pastel fashion nonsense, we had an excellent day in a nearby city that I visit infrequently: browsing secondhand bookstores, enjoying brunch at a mostly-vegetarian restaurant (works for me!), and even adding to my stationery collection (like I needed that…). The weather may get me down, but maybe I can hold it off by manufacturing high spirits and promising myself that spring will come–like Mulder, I want to believe.


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