Mail Haul: Home is Behind, The World Ahead


Let’s be real: one of the only reasons why I wanted to come back after my trip home this winter was to finally open up my mailbox after nearly a month-long absence. When I stumbled over the slush and snow to our mail slots after staying awake for more than 30 hours (and traveling nearly five thousand miles!), I probably started crying when I saw what awaited me. Lovely packages and letters from many people whom I hold dear–the perfect antidote for post-vacation melancholy!

(Pictured above is the piece that won my Tolkien-obsessed heart a thousand times over! It’s a beautiful cross-stitch by a friend that features a  lyric from one of my favorite songs of all time. I’m going to keep it in my office as some inspiration for when the metaphorical Denethors of life begin grumbling and slovenly eating their tomatoes.)


Here’s the treasure trove, freshly unwrapped on the first day of the year–featuring wonderful mail from Canada, California, and Germany. (If you’ve noticed the incredible scarf hiding in the background, don’t forget it: a future outfit post will give that amazing (handmade!) item its due soon enough.)

(On that note, this is just a sampling of some of the lovely mail and gifts I’ve received lately! I prepared this blog post a little while ago, before I realized that I had a few more bundles that were slightly delayed. Rest assured that more pen pal appreciation posts are up and coming!)


That wonderful scarf arrived in a package with a little stowaway: this adorable dragon pencil! His wings are beautifully sculpted and I can’t get over that intense expression. I like to imagine that is magic power is the ability to know how every film or book in the world will end, and he has to constantly be on his guard to make sure he doesn’t spoil anyone.


2015 was the great Year of Adult Coloring Books for me, so I’m delighted–though not particularly surprised!–that I received a few of these as gifts this holiday season. Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom was the first coloring book I ever purchased, and I was very excited to open up this more tropical sequel.

And gosh, where to begin with this steampunk coloring book, probably the epitome of all my guilty pleasures? Every page offers a nonsensical pastiche of gears and Art Nouveau and corsets and I absolutely adore it. Most of my coloring books don’t feature any figural art, so I have taken such joy in picking out all sorts of bright and lively hair colors and outfit embellishments for these alterna-Victorian ladies and their cape-clad gentleman companions.


I’ll close with a little letter from Finland: complete with Moomin tea! As usual, I’m astounded by the generosity of the wonderful people with whom I correspond, and can’t wait to continue my adventures in letter-writing this year.

I feel like I’ve been blogging much more about style than snail mail recently–but do know that I will continue to document my mail art journeys! Plus, you can always follow my mailing activities much more closely on instagram. Just saying.


One thought on “Mail Haul: Home is Behind, The World Ahead

  1. scumbagsam January 12, 2016 / 1:31 pm

    Steampunk colouring book? Amazing! I was always anti colouring book because, well, you know – it’s a strange thing – but then I got a couple for christmas (one a harry potter book!!) and I’m coming around to the idea! Love the blog!! 😀

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