Effie’s Heart/Modcloth Review: Carrot-Print Dress


You know what I love? Carrots. They’re probably one of the most delightful produce items ever to exist. Colorful, crunchy, healthy, fun to grow and even more fun to pull from the ground: let’s all raise a watering can to carrots, okay?

Still, I never thought I would have to ask myself whether or not I loved carrots enough to wear a dress covered in images of them. 

Apparently, the answer is yes.

I haven’t done a lot of clothing reviews before, but this Modcloth dress by Effie’s Heart was life-changing. It’s cute and unique and… was over 70% off (I cringe to think that even this perfect dress originally cost around $100–count that as one of its downsides). I suppose maintaining my public image as That Weird Quaint Girl has its (discounted) price!

An important note: I just wanted to disclose that this is not a paid or sponsored review, and that I purchased this wonderful dress of my own volition and with my own funds. Because I love carrots and peter pan collars that much. 


Here’s the top of the dress, in all of its carrot-covered glory! Just seeing those little bundles of roots takes me back to the romanticized agrarian lifestyles of my childhood–particularly as portrayed in Beatrix Potter’s works.


I would call this dress an unusual medium if there ever was one–I usually wear a large in most Modcloth apparel, but I sized down just to be safe. As it turns out, this was an absolutely perfect fit: in fact, I’m a little freaked out by how it seems to have been tailor-made for me. Maybe it’s a magic dress?

I also love the little cloth belt, but it has a frustrating habit of falling out of its loops, no matter how far back I push it. Perhaps I’ll switch things up and experiment with other belts during my carrot-wearing future.


There are a few places where the pattern is cut off by the make of the dress: though maybe those carrots were just nibbled up by a rabbit!

As a redhead, I might as well show off the carrot-colored hair that happened to go along with my first wearing of the dress! Since it’s cold and dry and my hair is generally disobedient, I’ve been experimenting with headband curls of late. Here, I had just taken the headband out after keeping it on for just under two hours: I find that when I wear it overnight, I end up with overly bouncy Shirley Temple ringlets.

Though headband curls will keep me occupied through the winter, I probably won’t get to wear this dress too much until spring comes–but when it does grow warm and alive outside again, I can’t wait to pull on my carrot dress and head out to the gardens.

One thought on “Effie’s Heart/Modcloth Review: Carrot-Print Dress

  1. Idle Emma January 20, 2016 / 5:40 pm

    Very cute, and unusual. Can’t say I’ve ever come across carrot print clothing before!

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