Outgoing Mail: Patterns, Please!


Considering it’s only January 19, I’d say that I’m doing relatively well with accomplishing my minor goals for 2016. In the past few weeks, I’ve nearly doubled my daily reading time, spiced up my typical routine with biweekly zumba classes, and made a few valiant efforts to meet or spend time with fellow humans in the area.

(I’m still working on hanging out with fellow extraterrestrials, of course, but that may take a while. Unless they come to Earth solely to catch the X-Files reboot next week.)

Unsurprisingly, I have also managed to maintain my letter-writing productivity, and am slowly getting around to answering all of my wonderful holiday mail. With so many letters to answer and so much winter dreariness to combat, I’m enjoying the opportunity to cut loose and go wild with colorful patterns, papers, and tape!


These hand-decorated envelopes all ended up in last week’s outgoing mail pile–and are ideally now on their way to Ireland, North Carolina, and Canada, respectively. True to form, I continue to aggressively deny the existence of winter, and I loved the cheerful pink and red colors on these floral scrapbook papers. I combined them with some new washi tape, too: I hope its vintage stamp and postmark designs are small enough to not pose a post office issue!


I don’t often put in too much effort on the backs of envelopes, but I adored this theme so much that I had to let it bleed over just a little bit. Plus, who doesn’t love an owl keeping watch over the flap to make sure it’s only opened by the rightful recipient?


During my trip to Northampton a few weeks ago (during which I wore pastels aplenty) I found every little stationery shop an utter temptation. Somehow I managed to walk away with only one new acquisition: this gorgeous set by the Textile Arts Center in New York City.

Three contemporary artists collaborated to design wild and detailed stickers, writing sheets, and envelopes–and the result is eye-catching, delightful, and unique!


The strawberry stickers were a personal favorite, though they’re already long gone by now. So it goes with snail mail: letters travel slowly, while supplies vanish quickly!


3 thoughts on “Outgoing Mail: Patterns, Please!

  1. Idle Emma January 20, 2016 / 3:57 pm

    All that patterned paper is just so pretty 🙂

  2. brambletonthreads January 21, 2016 / 9:49 am

    Fantastic stationary! Adding washi tape is a great touch!

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