White Winter Hymnal


Even though–to put it mildly–I have a complicated relationship with winter, there are a few things about the darkest time of the year that I do enjoy. Have you ever walked home in the January twilight and glimpsed the snow falling, illuminated by the street lights (or, if you work on a college campus like I do, the blue light phones)? What about taking a stroll outside the next morning, crouching down and admiring all the miniature canyons and striations and mountains pressed into the snow by chance?

And all while listening to wintry music, and dressed like a snow spirit?

It’s the little things, you guys.

This post presents a strange photographic duality: I’ve paired an outfit from a grey, overcast pre-snow day with the crisp, Arctic blue macro shots of snow from shortly after. Winter has so many personalities, so many faces and changes and moods, that I don’t think I could capture it any other way.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering: a sampling of my winter music of choice includes Lord Huron – In the Wind ♡ Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites ♡ The Staves – Winter Trees ♡ Firewoodisland – Troll Song  ♡ and, of course, the Fleet Foxes song from which this post gets its title!)


A few days ago, I opened up my closet and was shocked to see a great wave of creams and lace and soft white wool: when did I suddenly acquire so many pale pieces? I think my burgeoning interest in incorporating mori kei elements into my outfits has resulted in quite the collection of airy neutrals.

It was a little unusual for me to avoid bright colors in an ensemble, but I strangely loved pairing this lace dress with a long duster cardigan–it creates a weird, dreamy look, like I was stolen away during the night centuries ago to dance eternally in the woods and have only now just stumbled back into the waking world.

The wide, open stitches in the knit cardigan and the slightly distressed lace on the dress makes me feel even more like a specter: which isn’t too bad of an aesthetic in the wintertime.


I also have to keep warm, though, and my newly-beloved hat is the perfect accessory for the job! Since my other hobby of late has been researching my mysterious Eastern European ancestors from the late nineteenth century, the ushanka style is oddly appropriate.

(That’s FAKE fur, of course–I don’t support the fur industry one bit!)


Speaking of accessories: remember this scarf? My long-distance friend from Germany sent it to me as a gift, and I’ve probably worn it almost every day this winter! It just happens to match my primary cold-weather coat–I tend to buy all of my winter-wear in cheerful pastel colors to rebel against the Mainlander preference for black and grey.


You might have noticed my necklace hiding beneath the scarf in some of the other photos, too! It was a Christmas gift from my mother, and a welcome addition to my ever-growing marine jewelry collection. As usual, I like to keep the beach close to my heart: even in the cold with a winter storm on the horizon!

5 thoughts on “White Winter Hymnal

  1. You look lovely! I hate winter but I love keeping warm so it’s a complicated thing. And thanks for getting the song in my head, I sometimes like to sing it to myself because it’s beautiful. Have you heard Kina Grannis’s version?

  2. oh wow, i love this so much! you look beautiful 🙂

    i too have a weird relationship with winter but have somehow found more enjoyment from it this year than i ever have before. i’ve been noticing the minute details and beauty of it more.

    i definitely think you look like you’ve just wandered in from the woods, reminiscent of ivy walker from the village. don’t you think? stunning ❤

    robyn xx

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