The Truth Is Out There


We’re living in the great Age of Nostalgia-Driven Media, folks, and although I would really love to see some new material gracing our screens in the near future, I can’t pretend I’m not happy to see my old favorites resurrected. First Veronica Mars kickstarted its way into a (mostly) okay reunion film in 2014, and now we’ll have a good few weeks of all-new X-Files…just throw in a Buffy reboot and that’s my whole TV-I-watched-in-college trinity right there!

I’ve done a few more legit Scully cosplays in my life (speaking of college, I was killing it as season one Dana way back in the Halloween of 2011!), so I’m calling this look more of a Scully tribute than a costume. I don’t own a single oversized pantsuit or sleek black blazer or bright, color-blocked “out hunting nonexistent aliens in the wilderness” pullover, but Scully and I share a love for trench coats and collared shirts, at least. All that’s missing is a big, chunky 90s phone and a general feeling that I should trust no one!


Over the years, I’ve acquired a few examples of quintessential X-Files paraphernalia–the iconic I Want To Believe poster hung over my bed in college, and I have a few of the (extremely dorky) publications that serve as companion volumes to the series.

The most recent (and most ridiculous) addition, of course, is the reason why I have a miniature Dana Scully badge…


Yes, I’m one of those strange people who own the “Barbie gets into conspiracies” X-Files collector’s set! I can’t say that Ken is doing David Duchovny any favors, but Barbie manages to enact a classic skeptical Scully look quite easily. As far as Barbie dolls go, they’re actually pretty well-made: I was impressed by little details like Scully’s cross necklace and side part!


They each have a clip-on badge as well, which is too adorable for words (although I’ve examined them rather thoroughly with a magnifying glass and I’m almost certain that signature has a few letters too many to really spell out Dana’s name).


The box design is just as delightfully dorky as one could want–I particularly love the inclusion of Skinner deep in thought, as though pondering the best way to thank the universe that no Barbies were ever made of him. 

I’ll be completely honest: shockingly, I’m posting this without having seen the first episode, which was aired a little too late last night for me to catch. Still, I’m catching up today, and can’t wait to see how our favorite FBI agents have made their way into the twenty-first century!

Oh, and if you’re a fellow X-Phile, as they say, leave me a comment: what’s your favorite original episode? (Mine is “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space“–the best!)

2 thoughts on “The Truth Is Out There

  1. My favorite episode depends on my mood, but Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose is definitely somewhere at the top along with How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.

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