Tulle Me About It: One Skirt, Two Ways


Soft, dainty tulle skirts are, as Prospero famously says in the closing of The Tempest, such stuff as style dreams are made on.

(Didn’t you know that Shakespeare’s iconic sorcerer was into pastel fashion?)

Not only am I lucky enough to have a tulle skirt of my own–I bided my time for so long, waiting for a Charlotte Russe 50% off sale that finally hit in December–I’ve also discovered two very delightfully different ways of styling it. One matches perfectly with my 70s French Provincial dresser and vanity table (featured in the mirror shot above!) while the other looks vaguely vampire-slayer-at-a-gala.

That’s a kind of duality I can live with.


Tulle skirt ♥ Charlotte Russe

Fake leather (always!) jacket ♥ a charity shop in Edinburgh

  Cropped sweater and infinity scarf ♥ XXI Forever, as they’re calling themselves these days

Striped crop top ♥ H&M, altered

 Rose quartz pendant ♥ a strange, mystical rock shop near Zion National Park, Utah


Considering that my second look was vaguely inspired by S1 Buffy’s “Prophecy Girl” attire, I surprised myself by choosing a hairstyle outside of the realm of 90s Sunnydale high ponytails and half-up, half-downs. I’ve mentioned before that my hair is finally long enough to get away with milkmaid & crown braids, and I thought it would be a good way to show off the cool high collar on my fake leather jacket.

(To close on an anecdote: in 2013 (and probably still today!), every single uni girl in Edinburgh wore some kind of real/fake leather jacket over a grey skater dress with knit tights and heeled ankle boots. I already rock the latter items regularly, but I lacked the jacket–and then I saw this beauty on a charity shop mannequin while on my way back from TESCO METRO. We had a rocky start, since I almost lost it in both Nice and the Heathrow Airport, but this jacket hasn’t left my side since I returned to the states!)


  1. That skirt was totally worth the wait to get it on sale – it’s gorgeous! 😍😍

    RE: jackets and airports, I think the number of jackets Teen2 has lost in airports is roughly even to the number of airports he has passed through 😂😂😂

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