Jewelry Wizardy: MadMarchMoon Dragon Earrings Review

Dragons and Valentines (22 of 28)Dragons and Valentines (20 of 28)

There’s one thing I can say about the rise of social media: it certainly makes gift-giving a lot easier.

Last October, I found an amazing tumblr post showing off unbelievably beautiful 3D dragon jewelry, and I reblogged it almost instantly. As it turns out, someone was taking note!

Imagine my complete surprise when I opened a gift from my boyfriend on Christmas morning to find the gossamer dragon earrings of my dreams from Mad March Moon Designs!

(Predictable disclaimer: this is not a sponsored review, and all of my love for these dragons is honest and my own. I just want to tell the world about them, and celebrating small business/artists who create beautiful [dragon-related] things is important to me!)

Dragons and Valentines (26 of 28)Dragons and Valentines (27 of 28)

Thanks to a certain lovely guy’s holiday generosity, I received both styles of serpentine jewelry–a pair of earrings in the shape of simple wings, and a set of full-bodied twin dragons themselves.

I was worried that the dragons would be too heavy for my ears, but the material from which they’re created is surprisingly light and airy: almost like magic! On the downside, these delicate earrings are extremely fragile, and I have to be very careful to make sure they don’t get tangled up in my hair or my scarves while wearing them.

Dragons and Valentines (23 of 28)Dragons and Valentines (28 of 28)

I loved taking the dragons in little adventures for the purposes of this photo-shoot! They had such fun dancing in the beams of light reflected by my watering globes, and attempting to blend in with some of the ridiculous early 2000s sorcerer art on my desk. (Thanks to the right Photoshop filter, it almost looks like the dragon above is blending in, no?)

I am so enchanted by these earrings that I’m tempted to buy a few more sets for myself: imagine how wizard-like I’d feel if I could carry little dragons with me every day!

You’d have to ask my boyfriend about Mad March Moon’s shipping and customer service (though I assume it’s great!), but everything on my end is truly magical. In conclusion: DRAGONS, GUYS.

P.S. In case you want full access to my tumblr discoveries (where there are always dragons aplenty), you can check out my letter- and forest-filled page here!

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