Outfit of the (Yester)day: Vintage Winter


Remember that ridiculously pastel vintage dress I found while thrifting a few months ago? It’s made from quite a heavy fabric, and probably a little too vintage and strange to wear to work (for now!)–so I finally wore it for the first time during a quick snow-walk this weekend. I usually have to complete my outside photoshoots in just a few minutes before bundling back into my warm jacket, but this dress managed to keep me rather comfortable even without!


The vaguely anachronistic cut of this dress–as well as the thick material from which it’s made–put me in a strangely steampunk state of mind. (I wonder if there’s a pastel/cute offshoot of steampunk style? Who wouldn’t want pink and lavender gears and old clocks?)

I didn’t quite have a steam-powered jet-pack or even a lacy ascot to pin on, but I thought transforming a vintage key into a weird necklace captured the same sentiment.


I wore my beloved heart-shaped glasses nearly every day when I was in Hawai’i, but they’ve stayed in my purse since I returned to the Mainland. For some reason, I always think of sunglasses as a summer-only accessory–when the fact remains that snow and sun can be incredibly blinding in winter. More excuses to try on these silly shades? Yes, please!


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