Outfit of the (Yester)day: A Love Letter to Pink & Lace

2.13 FOR BLOG (3 of 12)

There’s nothing like that moment when you first meet your fashion true love–and I make no attempt to hide the fact that my two wardrobe beloveds are pastel colors and dainty lace. Because of its beautiful blending of the two, I am relatively certain that this magical dress is not from our Earth, but rather emerged from some alternative Wes Anderson-y dimension, where twee clothes conceal hard truths about living. Or something.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, to be honest: I’m just so distracted by my great passion for this little fit-and-flare. Can someone please just invite me to a winter tea party already?

2.13 FOR BLOG (11 of 12)

2.13 FOR BLOG (12 of 12)

Given my eternal obsession with Peter Pan collars, it’s no surprise that I snatched up this dress the second I saw it on Poshmark. It’s from a Japanese indie brand, and although the size was listed as an “XL,” I suspected that its dimensions might end up matching an American “medium” with lots of chest space–and I guessed right, as it’s a perfect fit!

2.13 FOR BLOG (2 of 12)2.13 FOR BLOG (2 of 3)

With this weekend’s temperatures dropping to around -2o fahrenheit with wind chill, there was no way I could successfully take outfit photos outside: so I’m trying to find some more creative inside backdrops! My vintage French Provincial desk (and the little cabinet of curiosities I’ve assembled in its hutch) is one of the most interesting parts of my room, and its ivory tones work well with most of the pastel colors I wear. Expect to see more of it!

2.13 FOR BLOG (5 of 12)

Of course, given my habit of posing with shoulder-dragons, I couldn’t resist bringing in a little friend at the very end! A gorgeous pink and grey creature, R.Q. (short for Rose Quartz!) is particularly fond of February 14.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? I hope there were pretty colors and magic aplenty!


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