One Hundred.

Though part of me would much rather celebrate my hundred-and-eleventieth blog post milestone like my old pal Bilbo, there’s no denying that the even, rounded nature of 100 has its appeal. I started this incarnation of my blogging career about eight months ago now, and it’s hard to believe I’ve already published one hundred pastel-and-photo-filled posts!

To celebrate this auspicious event, here’s a quick look back at some of my more memorable (or just plain colorful) activities over these past five scores of musings…


the first time I showed my face in an outfit post // an outfit post in which I barely showed my face

a dress that combines sharks with lace // a shirt featuring a succulent that’s just as cute


a very special Over the Garden Wall mailing // whale mail from beyond the sea 

strangely photogenic washi tape // calendars resurrected as envelopes 


beautiful Volcano // the top of the world 

a day out in the Berkshires // Mass MOCA 

I’ve so enjoyed every minute of sharing my adventures through style and natural wonders and crafting with you, and can’t wait to write up another hundred!


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