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2.14 FOR BLOG (2 of 6)2.14 FOR BLOG (4 of 6)

Though February’s nearly at an end, I’ve only recently begun the glorious year-end activity of transforming old calendars into new creations. Unsurprisingly, my ex-calendars were themed around all the aesthetics I love best–early modern botanical illustrations, faraway landscapes, flowers and ferns–and are therefore perfect for pen pal projects!

2.14 FOR BLOG (5 of 6)

I’ve always struggled to find a good way of addressing envelopes that feature really busy designs, and these little lined labels really do the trick! I’m looking forward to playing around with doodles and washi tape to dress them up further.

2.14 FOR BLOG (1 of 6)

In terms of upcycling old calendars, how could I ignore my ridiculous “Beautiful Scottish Castles” extravaganza from 2014? There’s no feeling quite like folding and cutting pictures of medieval stone and great mountains into envelopes: it’s like a bigger version of a postcard!

2.14 FOR BLOG (6 of 6)2.14 FOR BLOG (3 of 6)

I haven’t folded my own envelopes from a material quite so thin as these pages before (are calendars just becoming more and more cheaply made by the year?), so I hope they’ll survive their upcoming journeys! At the very least, they’ll bring a little color and cheerfulness to post offices for weeks to come…

3 thoughts on “Outgoing Mail | Calendars of Curiosities

  1. Idle Emma February 20, 2016 / 6:43 pm

    I love your envelopes!
    I really like the idea of using old calendars to make envelopes and keep thinking I should do that, only then I remember that I don’t use wall calendars so I’d actually have to go out and buy one first 😀

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