Outfit of the (Yester)day: Come Monday Night

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My ultimate source of style aesthetic inspiration is the iconically twee 2014 Belle & Sebastian musical movie, God Help the Girl, a film in which Emily Browning and other cute hipster friends dance around Glasgow making music and wearing the best vintage-inspired clothing known to man. Talk about life goals.

The mustard tones of this sweater remind me of the music video to the film’s title song, an indie-pop romp that features a lot of footage of gorgeous boater-hat-clad Emily lying in a sepia-toned field on a bright sunny day while singing. That sounds like my happy place in a nutshell. (Given the day of the week, though, this post is named after a slightly different God Help the Girl number.)

Until I too can conquer my mental health demons by starting a retro band with Oly Alexander, I’m content to reenact my favorite film with what’s available to me: Peter Pan collars and warm colors galore!

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This is Modcloth’s Foxtail & Fern dress, the first item of clothing I ever purchased from that fine vintage-inspired, wallet-draining website. I’ve held onto it since college, eternally discovering new ways of making its pastel hues last through the winter.

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I’ve paired it, naturally, with my beloved picnic-hamper purse, which will hopefully make a few more appearances now that snow has stopped being such a common occurrence.

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Here’s hoping you also have sunny, soft-pop days ahead of you! (Especially if you’re a fellow Belle & Sebastian and/or Peter Pan collar fan–the best life to lead.)

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