Outfit of the (Yester)day: Inspired by Ana Jarvis

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Should the Dark God of Cancellation reign supreme, tomorrow may mark the last Tuesday evening during which I can enjoy the awkwardly-named Marvel’s Agent Carter. (Seriously, guys, do you need to put your name in front of everything? Imagine living in a world in which Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra rounded out the unnecessarily long title club.)

Marvel’s aside, I am very fond of Agent Carter, even though I’ll admit that there are lots of areas in which it could improve. I can acknowledge its flaws while still revelling in the period aesthetics, wardrobe deliciousness, striking cinematographic palette, and the fact that it’s a female-led noir-ish show that features a cast of great ladies.

…including our current season’s newest face, Ana Jarvis, whose effervescence, spunk, and amazing sense of style inspired this outfit!

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Ana is the oft-mentioned wife of the phenomenally attractive Edwin Jarvis, the man who serves as butler to Howard Stark and friend/conscience/voice-of-reason to the eponymous Peggy. Edwin referred to Ana repeatedly throughout the first season, but she didn’t make her first appearance (played by Lotte Verbeek) until this spring.

Like me, Ana is a redhead with Eastern European origins who prefers braided updos and cheerful colors. (Unlike me, she’s incredibly brave, spirited, and resourceful. Yeah, still working on that.)

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I couldn’t find anything in my wardrobe that was an exact match for any of Ana’s ensembles, but I analyzed her style choices and identified the following essentials:

  • jewel-toned solid tops and cardigans
  • wild patterns of any kind (I chose florals, which she does seem to fancy)
  • big ol’ earrings (mine have a little too much of a Hawai’i flair, as usual)
  • equally bold and bright lipstick (I pull out my hilariously-titled Revlon “Lover’s Coral” shade whenever I want to feel particularly vintage)

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As Ana’s been through a lot within the past few episodes (I’m putting it mildly to minimize spoilers!), I’m incredibly anxious to see how the season finale sends her and the rest of the cast off–hopefully not forever! And if it does get cancelled, I’ll spend a week dressing up in pinnafore’d midi skirts, tailored blazers, and ubiquitous red hats as revenge (though I lack the perfect 40s curls to truly emulate Haley Atwood).

Which TV character’s style would you most like to incorporate into your wardrobe?


4 thoughts on “Outfit of the (Yester)day: Inspired by Ana Jarvis

  1. Love the outfit, especially the floral print (which I could never pull off! Seriously, for someone who loves colour in everything else, I tend to just wear grey, black and brown a lot!) xD

    • Oh I used to live in browns and greys in high school–my transformation into a strange pastel fairy being is only a product of adulthood for me =D I don’t actually look that great in neutrals myself, so I envy those who can pull off more sleek & subtle looks!

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