Room Tour: The Little Things

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By now, I’m sure you’re familiar with some staples of my room–my comforter and my ivory desk and vanity, for example, are essential backdrops for my incoming mail shots. I’ve even featured smaller installations from my little hideaway, like my cabinet of curiosities and my letter-writing workspace.

My room is constantly changing, and although I have some bigger projects in mind for the future (the most major? A full restoration makeover for my vanity table and desk!), I wanted to show off some of the smaller decor essentials that I’ve acquired after years of thrifting and garage-sale-seeking. With some patience and creativity, you can make any space look dreamy and romantic on a budget!

Pictured above: I use “orphaned teacups” (this one was fifty cents since the rest of its set was missing!) to hold jewelry and other curios. I also nurture a growing colony of indoor plants: the quickest way to give a room an overgrown, fairy-tale atmosphere!

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I’ve taken countless photos at my writing desk, which I’ve reserved specifically for novel-writing, blogging, and journaling. (And dragons and weird wizards, of course, but that’s a given.) You’ll notice my collection of purple Moleskine Volants: the only journal that’s been holding my thoughts lately!

My parents bought me this desk and its matching vanity table from a secondhand furniture re-use depot during my senior year of college. Though I had fallen in love with the “eleven-year-old girl’s bedroom in 1970” look, I wondered if I wasn’t making a mistake by filling my first apartment with such childlike whimsy.

I haven’t regretted it once.

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Next to my main desk lies the great snail mail empire! I keep this dragon quilt–handmade by my mom!–and a rotating selection of postcards above my crafting table. It’s a good way to keep myself inspired while I create!

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I think I’ve posted a million times about how much I love collecting acorn caps, but in case you’d forgotten…yeah. I really love collecting acorn caps. (I found the mini-jars which hold my collection for under a dollar apiece, too!)

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In terms of other alternative jewelry boxes, I also keep necklaces and pendants in this wooden Hobbit box, which originally held a boxed book-on-cassette tape set of Tolkien’s classic novel. (Fun fact: when I was in high school, I had a whole bookshelf dedicated to my Tolkien shrine…and now I’ve managed to make my passion a little subtler.)

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Another favorite “curiosity” on view is my set of matryoshka dolls from Moscow. I’ve had this clan of beautiful dolls since I was seven years old, and I find a strange peace in lining them all up, nesting them back inside each other, and then repeating the process.

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To close off my desk denizens, of course, here’s my Catbus plus from My Neighbor Totoro: because who wouldn’t want a catbus watching over them at night? Now I just need a giant Totoro to cuddle…

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