What to Wear When…Woodsy & Wild

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I’m sure all of my fellow style bloggers started out by inevitably facing the most embarrassing, terrifying challenge of all: taking outfit photos by yourself in a public place. When I’ve done outdoor shoots in the past, I’ve always had a photographer accompanying me. Having a friend around definitely reduces the worry of what will these strangers think of me dancing around while pretending to be an ethereal-fairy-forest-girl? 

It’s spring, though, and I have a new tripod and a closet full of magical outfits to assemble–so crowds or not, it’s time for me to go outside!

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I’ve mentioned before that one of my biggest fashion style inspirations is mori kei, and I tried to incorporate some mori-like layers and accessories into this look. Really, though, I wasn’t trying to follow any particular style at all: I just wanted to see how much I could look like a wandering fairy troubadour heading off to sing the world back into greenness.

(In case you’re wondering, I’m wearing two dresses under a shirt and a poncho. Hey, dresses that already come with lace petticoats aren’t so easy to find in Massachusetts!)

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I added a little brown belt to give the layers a little more structure–and to give me an excuse to wear thick brown forest boots with the ensemble.

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What’s a woodsy wanderer without a magical crystal pendant? I love collecting crystal point necklaces–this one is the pair to my rose quartz charm that I often reserve for more pastel-colored outfits.

I’m in a particularly forest-y spirit this week because I’ve just discovered Balderdash!the most phenomenally perfect webcomic for anyone who enjoys gorgeously-created fantasy worlds with a heaping dash of mori aesthetics, pastel colors, queer representation, and baking cakes. The art makes me as happy as a dappled-sunny day in a pine forest does: and will likely serve as inspiration for more outfits to come!

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