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To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life. – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Every week, I send and receive letters that travel to places I’ve never been–and they end up in the hands of people I’ve never met. If you’re feeling trapped and sad in your comparatively dull little world, there’s nothing I’d suggest more than finding a pen pal or two.

While I remained physically in Massachusetts this week, a beautiful trio of letters sent me on a hand-written journey to Italy, Spain, and Ireland. That’ll have to do until the day that I can randomly jet off to Greenland like Ben Stiller!

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Though I dearly love all of my American pen pals, I do get a secret, extra thrill every time I get a letter from abroad: as international mail means international postage! I’m pretty familiar with every USPS offering by this point, so foreign postmarks are a delight.

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As usual, Emma of Puddle Side Musings continues to be a mail art inspiration of mine! She sent me a booklet-style letter in a gorgeous envelope, and I can’t get over how pretty this paper is. It’s the perfect woodsy choice: I particularly love the ferns and scribbled notes in the design…

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Speaking of snail mail inspiration…here’s the latest from Spain! Claudia and I enjoy talking about art history, and I’m always excited to see what painting she’ll feature on her envelopes next. I’m also in love with these old Magyar Posta stamps, which are apparently from the Hungarian post originally–so I guess I can sort of add Eastern Europe to my mail checklist now? (Since my ancestors are from Eastern Europe, I’d love to find a pen pal from the area someday: I have the north, west, and south of the continent pretty well covered already!)

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Finally, I’m excited to share one very special letter–an incoming note from my younger sister, who’s currently spending a semester abroad in Italy. Unlike me, she’s an actual artist, and I loved the little doodles with which she decorated her envelope! The quote, which inspired this post’s title, references our mutual love for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Since I hope to visit her there sometime this spring, the quote is doubly significant: a reminder of how much I would like to see the world, even if it takes lots of courage to get out there.

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    • I find most of my pen pals through tumblr or instagram! There are a lot of people brave enough to submit a post saying that they are looking for pen pals, so I usually just sort through those and get in touch with people who seem nice, interesting, and less sketchy, haha! (p.s. If you’d like to get some mail from a pen pal in the not-so-exotic US, send me an email 😀 )

  1. Umm… so I’ve found your blog via bloglovin, where you liked mine, and I have to say your blog is so inspiring and beautiful! I’m so glad to have found it, I keep coming back to it and reading more and more posts from the past. Love your outfits as well as the snail mail posts –they are amazing! I had no idea there was such great community of people writing real life letters. Also, reading that you’re looking for a pen pal from Eastern Europe made me feel bold and tell you that I’m from Poland which is roughly in Eastern Europe, and I would love to have a pen pal because despite my ancient age, I’ve never had one. So… if you think we could connect in any way, feel free to drop me a note. No pressure there, though! Again, love your blog and keep going the way you are! ❤

    • Hello, Klara! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I was so happy to discover YOUR blog–your sense of style is so beautiful, and your sewing skills incredible!–and am honored that you’ve come back and read mine 🙂 I’m going to send you an email about being pen pals; I would love to!

  2. Gorgeous! I always admire the lovely mail art I see online and, occasionally, in my post box. It makes me a little sad, too, as international postage from Australia is weight-based, and it’s all too easy to step over the 50 gram mark, where the price jumps from $2.75 to $7.40. Alas, that’s why I don’t do a lot of mail art.

    • Oh wow, that’s quite the price leap there indeed! Actually, my nemesis is the thickness rule for international mail in the States: I can send the tiniest envelope in the world, but if it’s over 1/4″ thick it suddenly becomes a PACKAGE! Mail art is a dangerous game, haha!

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