Outfit of the [Yester]Day | Lavender Dreamin’

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After a long winter of surprising strangers and acquaintances with soft pinks and pretty lace, I’m happy to say that spring is here–and pastels are back within the realm of normal attire! While I would have been hard-pressed to find anything lavender or mint a month ago, every store is now stocked with enough Easter colors to attract a whole flock of garden-party-goers. What a time to be alive!

Though I’m still waiting for a few more weeks to pass before I start picnicking and passing the happy evening hours outside, I’m nonetheless taking the opportunity to dress in my dreamy March best!

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You know by now that Peter Pan collars are the fashion love of my life, but vintage-inspired bow blouses are a close second. As someone always searching for unique takes on semi-formal business attire, I appreciate this top’s elegance and simplicity: plus, it’s like getting a blouse and a scarf at the same time. Two for one!

I’ve paired it, as usual, with my heart-shaped sunglasses, and a pair of treble clef earrings complete my strange look. With a warm-weather vacation on my horizon (more on that later this week!) I’m ready to plunge fully into the pastel-and-lace aesthetic and spend more dozy, hazy sunsets sitting on my porch with a stack of letters in one hand and a grapefruit-lemonade spritzer in the other…

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