Outfit of the [Yester]day: In Bloom

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Thank you, DC, for gracing this humble blogger with unexpected passage into pastel heaven.

Some of you may remember that I last took a trip to DC in October, when the leaves were just beginning to turn scarlet and gold in New England and the nation’s capital alike. What a difference awaited me this time around!

This weekend, I lost myself in a few days’ worth of awakening trees and art museums, enjoying the brief escape from my more monochromatic daily life in chilly Massachusetts.

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I’ve dreamed of owning this Modcloth dress–the “Record Time” frock in petal pink–since the first time I encountered that vintage-inspired vendor that dominates the quirky side of the style world. Since I have been making a conscious effort to only buy second-hand clothes these days, though, I had quite the impossible quest before me! What were the odds that I could find a gently-owned version of this dress? And, more pressingly: who on Earth would want to sell it in the first place?

Luckily, the stars aligned (or maybe, more specifically, it was the second star to the right, considering the Peter Pan collar!) and I was able to buy the Record Time dress for under $20 on Poshmark. Soon after, this wonderfully romantic dress found its way into my mailbox–and my heart.

blossoms horiz (4 of 5)

And what better place to which to wear this dress than the most gloriously pink natural wonderland imaginable?

I was so hoping that my visit to DC would coincide with the arrival of its famous cherry blossoms; sadly, an unfortunate cold snap (on the first day of spring, too!) kept those graceful flowers sleeping a little while longer. Still, a few of DC’s trees decided to wear their finest to meet me, and I savored every moment of this brief springtime interlude.

Now, of course, I’ve returned to the cold north, where blooms and better weather remain a bit of a faraway dream themselves. What springtime outfits are you most looking forward to wearing when warmth comes your way?


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