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Color me surprised that the U.K. boasts a set of Star Wars stamps while my home country does not! (At least, not at the moment–there were a set of commemorative stamps from a galaxy far, far away back in 2007, but they’re well out of date by now.) At any rate, my newest pen pal from across the pond, whom I met through IGGPPC, was kind enough to make sure the force was with her first letter to me. Han Solo’s far-off gaze and delicately rendered face looks straight out of a Dutch Golden age portrait–though is that really so bad?

Other visitors to my mailbox over the past few weeks flew in from Germany and Australia!

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My pen pal from Australia decided to send me back to school (goodness knows I need it) by including a selection of vaguely academic vintage ephemera.

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Oh Herricksville High School, long may you live on in my art journaling.

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Her envelope was embossed with a variety of cute symbols of good fortune–I can’t tell if she added them on herself or if it came that way, but in either case, I’m very impressed!

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In from Germany were: souvenirs from Ireland! I’m particularly fond of the polaroid photo (so nicely held in place by a swan clip)–it’s making my wanderlust act up more than ever.

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She also happened to include a pamphlet from the Trinity College library in Dublin, home to my favorite illuminated text ever! (Yes, it’s a rather cliche choice for a favorite manuscript, but man, have you seen the Book of Kells?) I particularly enjoy the unexpected color match between the ducklings and the gold leaf.

Since I’m about to hit the road (or the skies) in a few weeks, I’m already thinking about fun ways to share my upcoming trip with my snail mailing friends! What sorts of goodies do you gather for your pen pals (or normal-type-see-them-regularly pals…) while traveling?

2 thoughts on “What’s In My Mailbox? | From Galaxies Far, Far Away

  1. theopenhome April 13, 2016 / 9:22 am

    I like to look out for postcards of vintage travel posters, these always seem to be popular in my snail mail and always look great on display. For sewing friends I sometimes get a piece of fabric or yarn that is easy to mail too.

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