What To Wear When…Pining for Plants

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I’m in a terrarium state of mind these days. While I keep a tiny jungle of ivy and basil thriving in my room, I would love to add a few more succulents to my collection, creating a desert garden fit to survive a hot Amherst summer.

Clearly, that love of prickly plants has bled over into my wardrobe decisions–at least this minty shirt pairs perfectly with walks in the forest and days spent daydreaming of the day when I’ll have my own indoor solarium with pretty blossoms aplenty!

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Though I love any excuse to wear my ridiculous heart-shaped glasses, I decided to tone things down for spring with these tan, slightly cat-eyed shades instead. Weirdly enough, they’re almost exactly the same color as my hair in a certain kind of dappled forest light!

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It was such a beautiful day to visit a nearby pond and hide within the shade of its small forest. We saw a tiny red squirrel (I think!) scurry up into a tall tree, and enjoyed listening to a tiny waterfall and pretending it was the sea (a favorite pastime of mine).

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What plants would you most like to add to your collections–or wear on a shirt?


  1. I have no succulent shirts but I do have a growing pot plant collection – 12 plants and counting, the most recent addition is a boston fern which doesn’t look too happy about his new surroundings!

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