Outgoing Mail: Leaves That Are Green

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Perhaps this outgoing mail post could also be called “return of the Best Scottish Castles” calendar envelopes! I’ve been going through a recent bout of ruthlessness with my craft table, and hoped to finally use up these gorgeous photos of medieval ruins from Skye to Stirling. (Appropriately, I photographed these on a rainy, stormy day: very reminiscent of Edinburgh!)

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If only I had seen Scotland when it looked like this! The gorgeous colors of the springtime flowers just had to be complemented with my new floral washi tape.

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The funniest thing about this fairy-tale scene? The colors of the sea and sky remind me of nothing less than Hilo Bay back on the Big Island. I just can’t stop finding parallels between the islands and the Highlands, I guess!

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I’m pretty sure that’s Edinburgh Castle in the background here, though the autumn colors are a little alarming to see in April. I hoped this soft, 50s-wallpaper-esque tape could bring some more springtime flair to these changing leaves!

How do you use up craft supplies that have been sitting untouched forever? What’s the oldest unused thing you still have lying around in your stash?

2 thoughts on “Outgoing Mail: Leaves That Are Green

  1. thesnailmail April 20, 2016 / 12:28 pm

    **Sigh** Hilo Bay. I was reading your post, reading, reading, thinking about what nice envelopes you made–and then you said those two words. And I wish I were there. I should like to have breakfast this morning by way of eating my way through the Farmer’s Market.

    • Keely April 22, 2016 / 10:54 am

      You and me both!! My yearning for the Big Island is so strong that pretty much everything reminds me of it these days. If only…

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