What’s In My Mailbox? She Sells Seashells

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Hidden in my mailbox this week–among the seemingly endless supply of flyers for a certain store where one likes to stop and shop–were two beautiful letters from Ireland and Germany. Seaside treasures from Emma and this amazing “tiny quasi-Regency lords and ladies writing calligraphy” stationery from my friend Katha: what a pairing!  These are the last few pieces of mail I’ll be able to receive before I head off on my trip, but they’re certainly more than enough to keep me satisfied.

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I couldn’t help photographing this sweet seashell letter in my cabinet (er, drawer) of curiosities–it’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I found these sand dollars and crab shells on the rocky shores of coastal Maine. I’ve never found a spiral shell quite so large and magnificent as the one with which Emma decorated her letter–though I still have many seasons of shell-collecting ahead of me to fix that problem!

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She also included some adorable tags and stickers that will no doubt make an appearance in my planner within the next few days!

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I hope so, inspirational little journaling card with a very appropriate map background! I sure hope so.

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I still can’t get over this delightfully quirky stationery. Do these fine little folk live in the pockets of characters in Jane Austen novels? Are they responsible for penning secret love letters to play matchmaker? In any case, they’re adorable and certainly unlike any letterhead I’ve ever received before.

What’s the most unique stationery you’ve ever seen? If you found out that tiny Regency-era people liked to hang out on your crafting table, would that be a) the best thing ever or b) the best thing ever? Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers here.

One thought on “What’s In My Mailbox? She Sells Seashells

  1. Idle Emma April 22, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    Glad you like it and definitely fitting to photograph it with your collection! 😀
    And that regency era themed stationery is so cute! I need to find me some of that xD

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