Outfit of the (Yester)day: Cute Cartography

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Remember that time when I brought a map dress into my life? Though the fact that I specialize in the material history of maritime trade routes probably means I could get away with wearing a cartographic ensemble to work, I wanted to save this dress for a special day off.

This past golden Saturday’s activities included a picnic, a four-mile walk, and lots of sunshine: the perfect opportunity to wear my quirky finest!

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Of course, my main draw to this dress (besides the print!) was its peter pan collar. As collars go, this one might be a little too big for me, but it’s a nice detail nonetheless. Later, when the day grew cold, I realized that a pulling a lacy top over the dress made the collar look slightly more proportional.

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Speaking of “too big,” I’m glad I was able to find the perfect belt to make this waist fit slightly better!

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Bonne Chance Collections just released their newest dress series, and although I resisted the temptation to add another to my stash, I’m looking forward to their summer collection: I’ve heard rumors that mermaids may be involved. While I wait, though, there’s plenty of terra incognita to explore in my map dress!



    • Aww thank you! ❤ I'm actually literally wearing this dress again right now; I left it behind on my trip and was delighted to return to it again!

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