Ms. Frizzle Style (CowCow Rocketship Dress)

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Fasten your seatbelts, everyone, and look at this wild dress that I found on Amazon! I can’t think of a pattern more suited to my personality, and the teal color is a redhead’s dream. My greatest aspiration as an educator is to someday assemble a wardrobe to rival Ms. Frizzle’s (of Magic Schoolbus fame!): this rocket dress is definitely a step in the right direction.

I bought this CowCow-brand dress through Amazon for under $20. It was a bit of a tricky decision, as the reviews on these dresses are pretty mixed: for one, some people are put off by the unusual feel of the fabric (it’s kind of swimsuit meets scuba knit). I generally try to stay away from super synthetic textiles myself, but this quirky print was just too much to resist! And, to be honest, the weird materials make it pretty dang comfortable–there’s no way this dress would ever wrinkle.

(…which is a useful attribute when you’re leading a busy lifestyle of soaring through the solar system and opening the pod bay doors, maybe?)

For blog long (2 of 7)

I’m absolutely in love, too, with this cropped Mak cardigan–I finally got my hands on one! These coveted pin-up style sweaters sell from a variety of vintage-inspired retailers (Modcloth, DollMeUp, tc) for about $25: so I lurked patiently until I found one secondhand for $10. And it’s in perfect condition, too!

Normal-length cardigans tend to ruin the small waistlines and flowing skirts of my usual fit-and-flare dresses, while the Mak alternative pairs perfectly with such silhouettes. Here’s hoping a pastel pink one will show up on my secondhand website of choice soon!

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