Outfit of the [Yester]day: Button-Back to the Future

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Behold–one of those suddenly trendy button-back dresses! I don’t know what it is about that style that makes me feel so blissful and nostalgic: maybe I had a few backwards button-ups of my own in my youth. Who can say?

Lately, I’ve found myself drawn to clothes that remind me of sunny days & the sea: loose, comfortable sundresses with floral prints and lots of color. It’s summer on the Mainland, and while I’m certainly rejoicing–no more winter!–I also just wish I could go home. I miss the Big Island in the summer (when the weather is just slightly hotter and drier than it is in December). I miss seeing seeing the fine line of the Pacific while driving down from Volcano to Hilo; hiking through the more forested, shadier trails around the caldera; and eating mochi ice cream (or shave ice with mochi and ice cream!). If I can’t have the Big Island, I’d even pop over to O’ahu and spend a day in way-too-touristy Waikiki if it meant seeing the ocean again!

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Look how breezy and gently-fitting this dress is, folks! It’s a Juniors size large, which is usually a little too big for me, but I am actually digging its loose silhouette. I can spin around and create quite the twirling skirt, too.

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There’s something very retro about it: kind of a “being sixteen in the 60s” situation. In fact, the bright orange-red almost perfectly matches the color scheme of early Aloha Airlines ads. (Rest in peace, my beloved airline!)

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It doesn’t quite fit the floral theme, but I thought my little camel necklace went well with these colors, too.

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Now I just need a pair of slippers, an open bench in front of Hilo Bay, and the essential guava-flavored drink of my childhood (attention, Hawai’i folks on the Mainland: you can buy Hawaiian Sun on Amazonand maybe then I can convince myself I’m back home.


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