My blog turns one!


untitled (5 of 35) copyOh, my sweet infant blog–how you’ve grown!

Today marks just about a year since I concluded my official, professional, less-pastel-colored college life blog (of four years running!) and switched over to Mailbox Mermaid instead. When I first kicked this new project off last May, I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to write about–mostly, I figured there would be lots of nature photography and museum talk.

Ultimately, this blog has become an extremely accurate representation of my interests and thoughts, chronicling the development of my passions and hobbies. Sharing my snail mail seriously upped my envelope art game, and my tentative foray into fashion blogging boosted my self-confidence and sense of personal style like nothing else ever has.

(And yes, there have indeed been plants and paintings aplenty throughout!)

To reflect and celebrate the fact that it’s somehow already May again, I’ve assembled a quick roundup of what are (apparently) my five most popular posts of all time. Here’s to the future: and to you reading this, too! Thank you for every time you’ve glanced at my posts and every wonderful comment you’ve left. It means a lot!

#5 – What’s In My Mailbox? Things Dangerous to Come To

FOR BLOG (10 of 10)

I’ll admit that this post is also a personal favorite–I received such a beautiful wealth of mail that week, and enjoyed displaying these letter-treasures in the first glimmers of golden spring sunshine! Plus, you can’t lose with a Walter Mitty reference.

#4 – 5 Gorgeous US Stamps to Buy [in April for 47 cents] 

FOR BLOG (7 of 12)

Tell me truly–is this post so popular because of its basically-clickbait title? I’m still losing sleep over the misguided decision to have actually titled a post “5 [Things] to [Thing].” For shame, past-me.

No, really, I’m glad people seemed to enjoy this one: the more views it gets, the more people will buy stamps and keep our postal system thriving, I hope! Support the post office!

#3 – Effie’s Heart/Modcloth Review: Carrot-Print Dress 


I’m so happy to see that the Internet loves my carrot-print dress as much as I do! I’m also delighted to report that said garden-ready dress has now survived at least ten machine washings and remains in impeccable condition. My positive review for Effie’s Heart/carrot designs in general can continue on intact.

#2 AND #1 – Literally any time I talked about my Kanken Mini.

Tumblr loves Kankens. Backpackers love Kankens. The college-going youth of Amherst, Massachusetts adore Kankens. So it it any surprise that my two most-viewed posts prominently feature my little mini on its many adventures?

Both my initial Kanken review and its follow-up outpace every other post I’ve written by almost thousands of views. Maybe we should just all write Kanken blogs instead? It certainly looks like mine has been on a lot of adventures!

If you read this far, thanks for humoring me on this journey to the past! I really am so grateful that you read all of my strange thoughts. You’re the Kanken of humans.

10 thoughts on “My blog turns one!

  1. Happy Blog birthday (not sure if that’s a thing but if its not it should be) 🙂 Have some cake today since your blog can’t eat it you just have to stand in it’s place 😉 Can’t wait to read lots more blog posts from you in the future.

    • Thank you! ❤ I'll take any excuse to eat extra cake 😀 Also, your letter arrived today and I was so excited to see an Iceland stamp! Will be writing back soon!

      • Awesome, I love Icelandic stamps they have so many pretty designs. Well basically they just feature nature and all the nature here is amazing so the stamps are too 😀

  2. Happy Blogiversary!! 🎂 Isn’t it so much fun watching your blog turn into everything that you’re passionate about? It’s so rewarding. Especially when you meet people who love all of the same things! Here’s to many more years of blogging! 💗💗

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