My Neighbor Totophone: Totoro Case Unboxing & Review

betteror (6 of 6)betteror (3 of 6)

I’m not sure when the vogue for gigantic silicone phone cases made in a variety of quirky designs came into fashion, but I’m happy they’re here. My iPhone 5 is quickly becoming too “obsolete” (ugh, fast-paced technology!) for me to buy cases in usual stores, so when my old one broke, I decided to take a risk on a $10 My Neighbor Totoro-inspired case from Amazon.

I’m writing today to spread the good word of the Totoro iPhone protector, in case anyone is interested. (Many apologies.) If you’re a fan of everyone’s favorite neighbor/forest troll/roaring-and-flute-playing beast, this is the best discovery ever. Follow along as I unbox this little guy and send him out to help trees grow and march around with two smaller versions of himself, I hope.

(Usual disclaimer applies: I buy all my own stuff and am not sponsored by Pink Plastic Totoros Incorporated (though if such a company existed I surely would love to be).)

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My Catbus immediately recognized her kin, even though Totoro arrived all sealed up in his packaging.

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Let me out! 

I have to admit that the little forest world printed on the inside of the package was quite lovely, even if Totoro would rather roam free.

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The back of the box included a cute film still of Satsuki and Mei flying around on a jubilant airborne Totoro. I wish I knew how to defy physics like he does!

betteror (5 of 6)

And here is the final Totoro, liberated and ready for adventure! Although my iPhone was too shy for a photo op, it is the perfect size for the case, and I’m pretty sure that silicone Totoro tummy will provide a good cushion in the event of a phone-drop.

The best part, though? The double-takes from passerby you get while talking your phone. Certainly worth $10.

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