Outfit of the [Yester]day: Part of Your World

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If you haven’t seen it yet–check out my blog’s new look! Unsurprisingly, my eternal love of the ocean has inspired this newest template makeover: and this new favorite outfit of mine.

I adore mermaid mythology, and dream of the day when I can incorporate the study of mermaids in art into my scholarly practice. The persistence of the mermaid as a cultural icon speaks to our contrasting desire for/fear of the sea, I think…or maybe we just all want to have fins. Who knows?

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This dress, which I bought secondhand, is a dream. It’s long enough to be work-appropriate, made from a breathable & comfy fabric, and simply covered with [little] mermaids, shells, and bubbles. If I could find it in other colors, I’d buy five more.

I decided to wear it with a white cardigan for this outfit post, but it also pairs beautifully with my aqua cropped Mak cardigan. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as too many ocean-themed colors!


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Plus, what could go better with a mermaid dress than a squid necklace and shell earrings?

(You’ll also notice my Squishable sea monster in the background–who complements the dress perfectly–if you take a close look!)

Do you share my love for mermaids? From Ariel in the 90s to the “mermaid hair” today, I feel that these finned beings won’t be leaving the popular consciousness any time soon!


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