What’s In My Mailbox? 3 Continents and an Island, Apparently

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My small town became a little more international after this week’s mail haul! Spain, Australia, and Iceland all put in an appearance in my mailbox recently. There have also been plenty of letters from nearer lands (Kentucky, for one, plus another new pen pal from my home commonwealth of Massachusetts), too.

I continue to wonder how my letters always tend to arrive in groups: seven in one week, zero the next, for example. How do they attain such magical synchronicity? Only the gods of snail mail know for sure.

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Incoming from Australia: palm trees and gold frames! That’s a juxtaposition I can get behind. I’ve already added the palm tree card to my wall of postcards, but I think that frame will have a second life in a craft of some kind. I just have to figure out what ironic subject would be best framed in gilt and ornament…

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Lots of cute ephemera–and a Renaissance fair brochure!–from Kentucky! The sender added some of those adorable instrument stickers to the outside of the envelope, but they didn’t quite survive the journey. I discovered the truth of their demise by examining the ghostly highlights they’d left behind. Poor puffy stickers: doomed the moment they go through the mail slot!

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Claudia from Spain sent me another beautifully crafted “combine” (as Robert Rauschenberg might say) envelope! I love the inclusion of the ukiyo-e inspired artwork and the scraps of origami paper. I wish I were bold enough to send transparent envelopes myself! I’m just always so scared that they’ll tear apart in transit.

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Finally, my first-ever mail from Iceland! Stephanie did a wonderful job of perfectly matching the envelope to the stamp. I’ve been obsessed with visiting Iceland for years (even before I studied Old Norse!) so I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a little piece of it in my mail collection.

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I hope your mailboxes are equally full (and international!) this week! What’s one country you’d most like to receive a letter/stamp from?

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