Terre & Back Again: The Italian Seaside on Film

Over the weekend I received two lovely postcards from faraway lands with azure seas–Portugal and the south of France. They’ll play a starring role in a future mail haul post, but for the moment, I just can’t stop admiring them. From my viewpoint here in a rainy Massachusetts June, those cliffs and rocky beaches make me want to pull a reverse mermaid and trade my legs for fins in a shady sea-witch pact. (Clearly the mermaid dress I showed off last week is having an effect.)

One positive part of my maritime yearnings, though? I finally sorted through all of the footage I took while exploring the Cinque Terre in April! I’m really excited to share this short film of my Italian adventures with you. Seeing those purple waves in motion and the sun-saturated leaves shining from the trailhead makes me feel like I’m back in Monterosso al Mare or Vernazza myself, just about to seek out some shade and devour pesto focaccia.

The video documents the first day and a half of our trip to the Ligurian Sea, from the Firenze train ride to that glorious post-hike vista. You’ll also see weird jellyfish-packed water, the wall of an old castle, and lots of quality shore breaks.

Which beach would you visit on your dream seaside vacation? If you’re a fellow traveler who also dabbles in video from time to time, I’d love to see what sorts of waves you’ve captured before!

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