What’s In My Mailbox? Poetry Party

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Though I celebrated my birthday last Friday, the real party started this week, when I enjoyed a very full mailbox. Because this mail haul features, by coincidence, a few shared themes (poets, flowers, intricate designs), I thought I’d take a little walk and photograph the letters out in nature. Sunny Solstice days with plenty of shade are perfect for letter-writing and poetry-reading, anyway!

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From Emma in Ireland–a gorgeous letter complete with a stamp featuring Yeats, one of my favorite poets! (And the literary crush of my teen years, incidentally.) I love the vintage-inspired botanical illustration, of course, and am very impressed by the beautiful crochet square and flower she’s sent along. I’m also super into those monochromatic stripes on the envelope: the second from the left is a little Escher-esque!

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Incoming from Germany–the most gorgeous (hand-drawn!!?!?) mandala I’ve ever seen! Its sender mentioned that she’s taken to drawing them lately, and I could not be more impressed. Just admiring this one on the envelope is relaxing enough for me! She sent me some delicious cinnamon tea, too: the perfect complement to such beautiful art.

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A pen pal from Canada sent me the nicest birthday package, filled with Moroccan mint tea, a clever card, and a little book of Maya Angelou poetry. The book is the perfect size to carry around in my mini Kanken in case I need an emergency dose of verse.

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Arriving after a “long” journey from near the Boston area, this little envelope was folded quite unusually! I had to carry out a very delicate extraction procedure to remove that cute teapot sticker from the flap without damaging it. With the addition of some double-sided tape, it quickly joined a small sticker collection in my journal!

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Let’s hear it for the mandala (and these nearby flowers that rather resemble it) one more time! I wish I had the skills to enliven my envelopes with drawings, too. Perhaps that’s the final, unattainable stage of my snail mail evolution…

2 thoughts on “What’s In My Mailbox? Poetry Party

  1. Idle Emma June 24, 2016 / 9:00 am

    That mandala looks so cool and it does indeed resemble that flower!

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