What a dream I had, pressed in organdy.

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Hey, remember this Modcloth dress? I’ve only worn it a billion times. Because it’s so dainty and summery, I can’t resist any opportunity to “remix” the way in which I style it, particularly when my local forests are as warm and lovely as they were this weekend. Fields of ferns under softly-filtered sunlight put me in the mood for folktales and fairy lore…my favorite subjects to study!

(The title of this post refers to an equally dear Simon & Garfunkel song that feels like the musical equivalent of forest light, to me: what do you think?)

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I don’t know why the shirts-under-dresses look makes me feel like a middle-grade fantasy heroine, but it’s been my go-to look since I was a child. The “magic” quartz tip necklace completes the illusion!

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Tomorrow I begin my journey to England, and I’m so excited to get to know some of the British forests that I romanticized in my youth. (Thanks, Beatrix Potter/Kenneth Grahame/etc). Consider this an American prelude to some upcoming sylvan celebrations as I post from abroad!

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