Outfit of the [Yester]day: Stars & stars forever

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There’s nothing quite like spending the 4th of July in an English forest! My 2016 Independence Day involved sun-dappled walks, a trip to an art gallery to peek at some Pre-Raphaelites, and a backyard fireworks display in the evening. That’s a little more my cup of tea than a barbeque, anyway!

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I may not have packed any red, white, and blue, but I did bring my new favorite dress from my old favorite indie designer, Bonne Chance Collections. It features a smattering of stars and nebulae, making me feel like a comet that fell to Earth and found its way to Bidston Hill.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily dress up in my finest for a proper hike, this proved the perfect outfit for a forest picnic followed by a museum date!

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It’s been appropriately chilly these past few days, so I was glad to have a good stash of cardigans at my disposal. My obsession with cropped Mak cardigans (I get mine secondhand or from DollMeUp) continues! Pictured just off to the corner, however, is my real jacket–a matching mint-colored polar fleece I bought out of desperation in the Lake District. Thanks, England, for letting me experience that bundled-up feeling in July!


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