Blue Planet Aquarium: My Sharkest Hour

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Though I’m writing this post from the relative comfort of my Massachusetts apartment–after a 30-hour delayed flight ordeal, naturally–I would give anything to return to Blue Planet Aquarium, where I spent one of my final days in England.

When I was stranded in a Newark airport hotel overnight, I comforted myself with thoughts of a soft purple glow and the slow, meandering fin-strokes of sharks. The experience of observing these marine giants seemingly floating above me, suspended in air and light, remains a highlight of my British adventure.

(It’s too bad that I forgot to pack my shark dress, though!)

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Blue Planet is, I believe, the largest aquarium in the United Kingdom–and certainly one of the biggest I’d visited in a while. Its main attraction is an underwater “tunnel aquarium” that stretches over 200 feet, giving you plenty of time to wander and dream and pretend to be a shark queen of some kind.

When I was a kid, my family visited a similar tunnel at the Maui Ocean Center, just a quick plane ride away from our home island. Years later, I’m still awestruck by the time I spent there, watching the smooth underbellies of rays and sharks gliding by: so I was very glad for another opportunity to walk through water!

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Before we reached the tunnel, though, we encountered many other strange creatures! I’ve always adored axolotls, or “Mexican salamanders” (axolotl is borrowed directly from Nahuatl, the language of the Mexica/Aztec culture) because they’re about as close to real-life dragons as you can get. Imagine how delighted I was to see a live one for the first time!

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Man, aren’t fish scales just gorgeous? Look at that iridescence.

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I call this my “school picture but with sharks” shot.

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The incredible elation I felt while in the presence of these beautiful creatures inspired me to add Blue Planet to the illustrious list of my most beloved museums of the sea: alongside Monterey Bay, Mystic Aquarium, le Musée océanographique de Monaco, and the Seattle Aquarium. Do you have a favorite aquarium? I’d love to visit each one in the USA someday!


  1. Cool aquarium! I’m a big fan of aquarium tunnels. I’m a huge aquarium fan, in general–a long-time member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I need to plan a trip to Maui! 🙂 As far as recommendations for you, I’d say get to Long Beach (not far from Disneyland): their Aquarium of the Pacific is a wonderful place!

    • Monterey Bay is just the best. I wish I were close enough to visit it more often! I remember being awestruck by their mola/sunfish when I went there as a kid 😀 And it sounds like I’ll have to make a trip to Long Beach sometime soon, too!

      • They just brought in a couple of new Mola Molas (when the things get too big, they are released back out into the bay). I’ve seen this guys from a boat in the bay, they are awesome! 🙂

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