What’s In My Mailbox? The Lady & the Unicorn

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Though I’m not quite the beguiling subject of a 15th-century tapestry, I have experienced a sudden influx of unicorns and magic in my life of late. That’s all thanks to a lovely letter from one of my newest pen pals, an amazing artist and illustrator who just so happened to be kind enough to send some of her enchanting work my way.

My own personal unicorn approves, at least!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already witnessed the incredible amount of mail I received upon returning from my trip to England–and, if not, behold! I’ve been feeling a bit gloomy ever since I got back, so I’m even happier to have such a beautiful stash of letters to read (and reply to, and blog about!) while I’m under the weather.

So, in that spirit of taking things slowly and one-by-one, let’s return to the first letter I opened…

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…which arrived in a beautiful handmade envelope!

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I love the teal and blue colors of this stamp–even the curvilinear abstract forms make it a cut above your average American metered-mail situation!

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Let’s catalogue these treasures from right to left, shall we? The unicorn, flower-girl, and crystals are too sweet for words and have now taken up residence on my desktop at the office!

The second row includes a print of one of Mayra’s own artworks (look at the way she does hair!), and then–does that middle one look familiar?

As one might say while Angelica Schuyler is singing about her first meeting with a certain Mr. Hamilton: rewind…

Remember my mermaid dress? That’s a drawing of me in my mermaid dress with the mermaids coming to life!!! I am awestruck, to say the least.

Remember to stick around next week as I continue to [over]enthuse about the rest of my recent letter activities! Spoiler alert: my pen pals are ALL amazingly kind, generous, and artistically talented people. I only hope they enjoy my weird little letters as much as I love theirs!


One thought on “What’s In My Mailbox? The Lady & the Unicorn

  1. Idle Emma July 15, 2016 / 9:38 am

    All that artwork is so pretty! You’re so lucky to have a pen pal like that 🙂

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