Time-Traveling Review: Nishe Dress

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Could there be anything more futile than reviewing a dress that isn’t even sold anymore?

Luckily, that’s a strictly rhetorical question, and I will neither answer it nor obey its intimations. I bought this gorgeous secondhand dress by Nishe through a fellow blogger’s closet sale a little while ago, and am now wishing like crazy that I had snapped a few of them up when they were released several years ago.

Consequently, my words of praise for this dress won’t exactly be that useful for your future purchasing plans; on the other hand, time travelers who can pop back to 2010 are welcome to enjoy this review!

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This dress isn’t quite a fit-and-flare (my go-to style), but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it fit me. When I pair it with a cropped cardigan, the bodice and skirt almost take on a Regency-era look…

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The real reason why this dress is a winner? It features the world’s most adorable buttons: a full spectrum of stars!

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As a summer dress, it’s airy and quasi-gossamer, while still heavy enough to keep me cozy in the rainy British June I experienced just a few weeks ago. When autumn comes, I’m confident that it will pair very well with boots and leggings–truly a dress for all seasons! Here’s hoping I can keep it in good condition, since it’s essentially gone extinct. Do you have any favorite outfits (or possessions in general) that are rare or no longer made?

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