What to wear when…flocking together

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If you’ve ever studied heraldry or early Christian art, you may have encountered a surprising symbol appearing again and again–the “pious” pelican! Europe, however, wasn’t the only place in the world where people captured these great birds in their art and culture. The Moche (a.k.a. the civilization whose artists created my favorite ceramics works of all time) included images of Peruvian pelicans on their famous stirrup-spout vessels!

All in all, you could say that my new pelican-print dress is rather a good fit for an art historian like me…

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To be fair, I assumed these were pelicans when I first scooped up this dress in England, but they’re certainly depicted in a very abstract way–I guess they could be some other kind of big sea bird? Or maybe weird herons?

Whatever they are,  I love the curvilinear forms that make up their bodies and the orange accents throughout.

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It wouldn’t be a signature sea-girl outfit without my standard mermaid jewelry from back home! This time I’m wearing delicate threaded earrings decorated with some kind of gastropod shell, and a pearl + sunrise shell necklace.

(You might also notice that my standard outfit backdrop has changed! I recently redecorated my living room, armed only with dollar-store frames and free ocean-themed printables I found from around the web. I think they look quite nice, given my budget! Expect to see more glimpses of my redesigned maritime apartment in posts to come…)

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