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I never thought I would say this, but with temperatures skyrocketing to the 90s and beyond in Massachusetts this week, I’m rather missing the temperate/constantly rainy climes of my time in England! Though we dodged raindrops with every outing, at least each drizzly day was bearable with an umbrella and a coat.

I actually enjoy staying inside on a rainy day; conversely, I feel guilty for avoiding the outdoors when the sun is shining. Yet that’s exactly what I’ll have to do over the next few days until the East Coast decides to chill! I suppose it will give me a good opportunity to look back through some more of my photos capturing moments in the English woods…

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One of the most delightful places I visited on my trip was an urban farm on Bidston Hill, named after Tam O’Shanter. It was a lovely place to stroll and offered plenty of opportunities to say hello to the resident animals, from geese–

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–to goats! I only wish our fellow visitors (many with children!) had been slightly more respectful of these lovely creatures’ personal space. If you stick your hand into a goose enclosure where a sign specifically reads these animals may bite–well, you don’t have to be particularly clairvoyant to predict what might happen next.

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To continue the theme of liminal encounters between the urban and the wild–we also explored some “gardens” which seemed less a landscaped space and more “behold these ruins of human civilization over which the plants now rule.” Nothing beside remains. Round the decay/Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, you might say.

It reminded me of Over the Garden Wall, of course: there was a similar kind of melancholy quality to our time there. (No sign of Beasts, thankfully!)

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