Snail Mail Style: Road Trip USA

Snail Mail Style


When you grow up in Hawai’i, odds are you’ll end up romanticizing various Mainland cultural touchstones: autumn leaves, building snowmen, squirrels, and so forth. For me, though, nothing seemed more delightfully Mainland-American than the notion of a road trip. It takes just a few hours to circumnavigate the Big Island, so the concept of driving for days on end across the continent, waking up in a different state every day, sounded absolutely magical!

As you can see, I’ve decided to experiment with a new category of posts on my blog: outfits inspired by the various aspects of snail mail that I love so much. I adore wearing bright patterns and novelty prints almost as much as I enjoy sending letters, so why not play around with…um, postage couture? To kick this off, I’ve structured my first look around the theme of road trips and postcards–read on for an explanation of my curatorial thought process, so to speak!

The crowning grace of this colorful outfit is a bold summer dress by my favorite indie dressmaker, Bonne Chance Collections. (Standard disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Bonne Chance (or anyone else) or compensated in any way for my frequent posts about their dresses. I’m just obsessed!) Isn’t the postcard/retro car print amazing?

I don’t think I could quite get away with that cute cut-out in a professional context, though, so I would tone down the busy pattern with a red cardigan. 

The most enjoyable part of this project was researching snail mail accessories! For the name alone, I simply had to include an envelope clutch. The cactus print seems an appropriate reminder of the quintessential Western road trip. I emphasized the color palette of the cars on the dress with a cute envelope brooch, and finished it all off with a quill pen necklace! 

And there you have it–an eye-catching ensemble sure to win a snail mailer’s heart! I’m looking forward to designing more mail-themed outfits (like looks inspired by postage stamps, for one!). If you have any hot tips about letter-heavy prints or patterns out there, please let me know!

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