What’s In My Mailbox? “With a Comma After Dearest”

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One of the things I love most about Hamilton is its focus on the [historical] power of words, particularly through stories and correspondence. It makes sense that letter-writing would play a huge role in this musical–I mean, it is set in the late eighteenth century, so they can’t exactly Snapchat–but at the same time, it’s very exciting for a snail mailer like me to enjoy a cultural work that explores how relationships develop through written messages. Without revealing too much of the plot, I’ll just say that letters enable Hamilton‘s characters to fall in love, express their feelings about the future and freedom and their children, and bring each other to ruin and victory…

I know what it’s like to form a close friendship with someone who might be “an ocean away” (or more!): and my obsession with everyone’s favorite 2015 musical now tempts me to play around with my correspondence in the essential Hamilton style. Perhaps I will be referencing a certain Scottish play or inserting a comma where it doesn’t seem to belong soon enough!

Anyway. Here’s some mail. Listen to Hamilton!

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These two envelopes traveled from opposite directions–originating in Ohio and Canada, respectively–to reach me in all their teal-accented glory. The first envelope features an absolutely gorgeous roadtrip-ready scene (which complements Friday’s post quite well!), and some absolutely amazing handwriting: I’d show off the rest of it, except it would be nearly impossible to censor the addresses! You can still enjoy this forlorn road sign, though.

The second sea-green beauty was made from marbled paper, and taped up rather securely: thank goodness it included instructions (and cute butterflies!).

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I consider myself doubly lucky on the Irish incoming mail front this time around–not only did I receive a lovely avian letter from Emma (stamp/envelope matching on point as usual!), I also found a travel-themed birthday card awaiting me! Doesn’t it make you yearn for various “golden ages” of exploration (that probably are more myth than reality)?

(Another quick sidebar: I photographed that envelope near my plant table because I wanted to show off my African violet! That poor plant has been struggling all year, and I finally figured out how to keep it happy and blooming.)

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In from North Carolina: a mini-museum, basically! This art notebook is absolutely charming, and it even includes a catalogue of the original works from which the frames were taken. Plus, I hoard Monet stickers like nobody’s business…see how my collection grows!

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(I also thought for a moment that this was my envelope, because these are among my all-time favorite stamps to use!)


  1. Where a comma doesn’t seem to belong? I think it reads better, if more tragically, with the comma. Glad to hear you too have been infected with the Hamilton madness 🙂

  2. Ha! Saw your headline & recognized the reference immediately! The Hamilton disks in my car see a lot of use.

    If you have African Violet advice to offer, my poor little plant would sure appreciate it.

    • It’s the best, isn’t it? 😀 In terms of plant lore, I think I was definitely overwatering mine, and keeping it in too bright of a windowsill. When I left it alone for a week to go to England, it actually seemed pretty happy :/ They such picky, enigmatic plants, if beautiful!

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